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After Driving 5M+ Subscribers and $10M+ In Info Product Sales, I’m Revealing How To Supercharge Your Newsletter Growth In 32 Days  

Hey — Matt McGarry here. 

If you’re a media founder, newsletter operator, or creator — this might be the most important piece of advice you’ll ever receive:

Stop renting your audience. Learn how to become the landlord. 

If you’re creating content on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or any other social platform – you’re building your audience on rented land. 

Zuck, Elon, or even a low-level employee at one of these “apps” can pull the plug on your account anytime. 

You can get banned or shadow-banned even if you did nothing “wrong”. Thousands of accounts are removed by accident every day. 

However, what’s more likely to hurt you is the inevitable algorithm change.

Algorithm changes in the 2010s and 2020s have killed more businesses than any recession. 

Look at what happened to BuzzFeed. 

One simple algorithm update can kill your reach

Less reach means less traffic, fewer subscribers, and way fewer customers. 

I’ve seen it happen. I’ve talked with dozens of founders who have more followers than ever – but their content on social media reaches fewer people than ever before. 

This is one of the many reasons to stop building your audience on rented land.

That said…

Even if a ban or algorithm change hasn’t happened to you yet — you have to stay on the content treadmill to keep reaching the audience you’ve “built” on these platforms.

Posting on social media 1-3x per day is hard – and lame. 

Constant posting creates more noise and distracts you from actually growing your business. 

Like’s ain’t cash. 

But what if I told you there’s a platform you can use to own your audience

A platform where algorithms can’t get in the way of your message and your audience…

A platform that’s been around for over 43 years – has 4.26 billion users – and is still growing by over 3% per year!

You guessed it… That platform is email. 

Email newsletters are the best way to own your audience, build your influence, and grow your business. 

There’s no other platform like it. 

And there’s no other audience as valuable as an engaged email audience. 

So how do you grow your email audience?

That is exactly what I’ve been obsessing over, studying, and doing for the last 4 years

I started my first newsletter in 2018. I made every mistake in the book and shut it down a few months later.

In 2020 I got a job at The Hustle to lead newsletter growth. We grew to 2.5M+ subscribers and were acquired by HubSpot for $27M.

In January 2022 I was the first hire at Milk Road. We grew to 250k+ subscribers and got acquired for 7 figures in 10 months. 

In May 2022 I landed Codie Sanchez as a client. She’s grown from 120,000 subscribers to 500,000+ in 14 months. 

In December 2022 I landed Sahil Bloom as a client. He’s grown from 175,000 subscribers to 605,000+ in 12 months.

In 2023 my agency GrowLetter helped clients like Chartr, 1440, James Clear, The Rundown, Bankless, The Pour Over, Football Guys, and many more add 5,000,000+ newsletter subscribers. 

You get the idea. The point is…

I know the strategies, tactics, and secrets that will grow your newsletter – because my team and I created and implemented them for the best newsletters.

And most importantly…

Newsletter Growth System reveals all of them. 

Growth System is the product of 4 years of research, hundreds of client calls, millions in ad spend, and years of first-hand experience.

There is nothing on the market like this. 

This is the most in-depth course on newsletter growth. 

It’s the only course that:

  • Breakdowns battle-tested tactics

  • Gives you access to expert mentors and coaches

  • Has 150+ real-world examples, templates, and experiments from 7 and 8-figure+ newsletters

If you want to build an owned email audience in 2024. 

If you want to escape the algorithm and the content treadmill. 

If you want to scale your newsletter and sell more courses, memberships, coaching, and sponsorships.

Growth System is for you.

100% money-back guarantee

I want your Growth System investment to be 100% risk-free.

If you complete the course materials and find the course isn't for you within 30 days, I will refund 100% of your investment.

And if you find after enrolling that your schedule is busier than you thought, I will roll you forward into a future cohort with zero additional cost.

However, part of what makes Growth System work is financial accountability. If you do not engage with the course materials, this does not qualify for a refund.

I’m so excited to help you grow your newsletter in 2024!

I hope to see you on the inside soon.


— Matt McGarry, Founder & CEO at GrowLetter

P.S. Everything you need to know about Growth System is on this page. Read the copy below to learn how this course will help you scale your newsletter.

Update: Enrollment for Growth System Is Currently Closed

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What Is Growth System?

Newsletter Growth System is a cohort-based course that teaches the most effective growth tactics, step-by-step, with templates, case studies, and examples. 

But unlike other courses, you won't learn passively. Instead, you'll execute these growth tactics with direct support and feedback from me and my team.

You’ll grow your newsletter during the course, get coaching and feedback from experts, network, and build friendships with other founders, and leave with the roadmap to scale your newsletter to millions of subscribers. 

Inside Growth System, I’m revealing the exact tactics we’ve used to drive 5,000,000+ newsletter subscribers and $10,000,000+ in info product sales for clients like:

1440, Milk Road, The Hustle, Chartr, James Clear, Sahil Bloom, Codie Sanchez, The Rundown, Bankless, The Pour Over, and many more top media companies and creators.

Growth System Gives You Everything You Need To Rapidly Grow Your Newsletter With Engaged Subscribers Who Want To BUY From You

No fluff. No BS. No basic information. Nothing held back.

You’ll learn all the tactics that are working right now for newsletters with 100k+ to 3M+ subscribers. 

Plus, you’ll get templates, examples, coaching, and feedback to easily use these tactics to get more subscribers and customers. 

Even if you’ve never successfully grown your newsletter before… Or if you don’t have any experience with growth marketing…

Growth System will help you grow, fast. 

We’ve created a turnkey system that can grow ANY newsletter.

As long as your newsletter has a niche and good content – these tactics will get you more engaged subscribers.

Growth System Is Limited To Only 100 Students – Here’s Why

We’re keeping the course small so we can give feedback and coaching to every student. 

This is why Growth System works. It’s not just a course. 

You get coaching, feedback, accountability, and community to ensure you reach your goals.

You’ll get direct support and feedback from me (Matt McGarry) and 3 other expert coaches. The coaches and other students will be holding you accountable to reach your growth goals.

Plus, you’ll get to meet and network with a community of media founders and creators. Growth System is an awesome place to meet friends, mentors, and business partners. 

Here’s What’s Inside Growth System: The Instruction Manual For a 1M+ Subscriber  Newsletter 

Course Overview, Curriculum, and Schedule

Course dates: January 29th, 2024 - March 1st, 2024

All live sessions are recorded with full session recordings, transcripts, detailed show notes, slides, and clips of the most important parts for those who can't attend live.

  • Live Session #0: Orientation + Kickoff Call + Meet & Greet (Friday, January 26th, 12 PM EST)

  • Live Session #1: Building The Perfect Subscriber Flow: Landing page, Thank you page, Welcome email, Survey, Co-reg, Front-end offers, Affiliate Offer + over 15 Templates and Examples (Monday, January 29th, 12 PM EST)

  • Live Session #2: Subscriber Flow Advanced Strategies, Feedback, and Coaching (Thursday, February 1st, 12 PM EST)

  • Live Session #3: Social Distribution and Growth Tactics: How To Get Subscribers  From Linkedin, Twitter, and Other Social Channels + over 10 Templates and Examples (Monday, February 5th, 12 PM EST)

  • Live Session #4: Social Distribution and Growth Advanced Strategies, Feedback, and Coaching  (Thursday, February 8th, 12 PM EST)

  • Live Session #5: Paid Acquisition System: How To Acquire High-Quality Subscribers With Paid Ads and Get A Return On Your Ad Spend Day 1, How To Use Meta Ads, Twitter Ads, Sparkloop, Beehiiv Boosts, Refind, And Other Paid Channels + Over 50 Ad Creative Templates And Examples (Monday, February 12th, 12 PM EST)

  • Live Session #6: Paid Growth Advanced Strategies, Feedback, and Coaching (Thursday, February 15th, 12 PM EST)

  • Live Session #7: How To Automate Your Growth With Referral Programs, Giveaways, Recommendations, Cross-Promotions, and Partnerships + Over 10 Templates And Examples (Monday, February 19th, 12 PM EST)

  • Live Session #8: Advanced Referral, Giveaway, and Partnership Growth Strategies, Feedback, and Coaching (Thursday, February 22nd, 12 PM EST)

  • Live Session #9: How To Increase Engagement and Sell Your Stuff With Email Marketing, Automation, Welcome sequences, Sales sequences, and win-back sequences + over 25 Templates and Examples (Monday, February 26th, 12 PM EST)

  • Live Session #10: Advanced Email Marketing and Automation Strategies, Feedback, and Coaching (Thursday, February 29th, 12 PM EST)

  • Live Session #11: Graduation, Reflection & Next Steps Call (Friday, March 1th, 12 PM EST)

  • Bonus Session #1: How To Sell Newsletter Sponsorships w/ Expert Guest Speaker (Announcing Speaker and Date Soon)

  • Bonus Session #2: How To Write Newsletter Content That Subscribers Love and Keep Opening For Years To Come (Announcing Speaker and Date Soon)

Here's What You Unlock When You Join

1) 10 Live, 60-minute Curriculum Sessions Teaching You The Growth Strategies And Tactics 

This is the foundation of Growth System — our 60-minute live sessions.

These aren't your normal boring Zoom calls. These are immersive learning experiences you will wake up thrilled to attend. We pack more golden nuggets into these sessions than other growth courses have in their entire curriculum.

You'll leave with all the knowledge you need to execute the growth tactics and motivation and energy to make progress. 

And no worries if you miss the live sessions – there are detailed show notes with replays, clips, chat transcripts, slides, and more.

2) Over 150 Templates and Examples That Make It Easy To Grow Your Newsletter

You won’t just learn how to grow – you’ll get fill-in-the-blank templates for each growth tactic that make getting more subscribers and customers easy.

There are templates for your: Landing page, thank you page, welcome email, email sequences, social posts, social profiles, website copy, Meta image ads, Meta video ads, video scripts, motion graphic ads, Twitter ads, ad copy, referral program, giveaways, cross-promotions, and more. 

Plus, you’ll get access to our swipe file with 100+ examples of how other newsletters use these growth tactics and strategies so you never run out of inspiration. 

3) LIFETIME Access To Session Recordings With Detailed Show Notes, Resources, and Transcripts. Plus, All The Templates and Examples

All the course materials are yours, forever. 

You’ll refer back to videos, notes, templates, and examples for months after the course as you continue your growth journey. 

Growth System will be a resource to help you and your team for years to come. 

4) An Immersive Community of Fellow Newsletter Operators, Media Founders, and Creators 

The last and best part of what you'll unlock is our community.

Nowhere else on the internet will you find a group of people from every country, demographic, time zone, background, interest, age, and perspective — all with the same goal – to build a massive newsletter business. 

You’ll get the chance to meet as many others in the community as you'd like.

Our community is an amazing place to meet new friends, mentors, cross-promotions, and business partners. 

5) Coaching, Feedback, and Support From Matt and 3 Other Expert Coaches From GrowLetter

You’ll get direct support and feedback from me and my team on all your work.

We’re here to answer all of your questions. Hold you accountable. And ensure you’re properly executing the growth system so you can get more subscribers and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does this cost? Other courses charge upwards of $5,000 to help you grow. But our goal with Growth System is to keep it accessible while still charging enough to keep you accountable. The full price of the course is $999.

  • Who is this for? It’s NOT for beginners. You must have 500+ subscribers and a 40%+ open rate to enroll. This course is all about growth. If you don’t have a niche and an engaged newsletter, do not enroll. We will not cover topics like “how to find a niche” or “how to create newsletter content”. 

  • What's the time commitment? You’ll need 2 hours to attend the 2 live sessions per week and 2-4 hours to execute the growth tactics (~4-8 per week total)

  • How long do I have access to the course materials? You will have access to the course materials FOREVER This includes all live sessions, video materials, templates, and swipe files.

  • Do I need to use a specific newsletter tool? I highly recommend beehiiv. The tutorials will be focused on beehiiv. We won’t have time to cover tech setup for other platforms. If you use another platform that’s fine. Just make sure you know it well.

  • Do I need a budget to invest in paid ads? No, but it’s a plus. We’re spending a week in the course on paid growth. If you want to test ads you’ll need a minimum budget of $500-$1000 for ads.

  • Couldn't I just do this myself with all of the free content out there? Well... you could. And I encourage you to try it. Read my 50+ free guides on newsletter growth. If that works for you, that’s great! But chances are, you've tried growth on your own before. And between the hours it would take you to aggregate all of the free stuff and the headaches you would have testing to see what works… The $999 is well worth the investment. 

  • Can this really work for me? You might be thinking... sure this works for other people. But my situation is unique. I can assure you that over the past 4 years, I’ve helped 50+ newsletters grow. No matter your background, experience, goals, or circumstances, the Newsletter Growth System will help you.

  • What if I'm not tech-savvy? You're not alone. We have members of every age, background, and experience level. In the course, I’ll teach how to do all the technical setup for beehiiv newsletters. However, if you don’t use beehiiv you must know your newsletter platform well. We don’t have time to cover instructions for every ESP.

  • What if I can't attend the live sessions? That’s okay. We record each of them and distribute them with detailed show notes, session transcripts, chat transcripts, and everything you need.

  • Will this help if I already have a large newsletter? Yes, in fact, you’ll have an advantage. Many of the tactics work even better if you have a large newsletter. 

  • How many newsletter subscribers do I need to join? Not many. I recommend you have 500+ subscribers and a 40%+ open rate before enrolling. This course is all about growth. If you don’t have newsletter good content you should work on that before you invest in growth. 

  • Why is this page so ugly? I’m spending all my time creating amazing course curriculum. I’m not using fancy pages or marketing tactics for this course. Instead, I plan to sell the 100 spots to people who are already familiar with my work and don’t need a well-designed sales page or funnel to buy from me.

  • What if I have more questions? Send me an email: [email protected] I’ll get back to you soon.

100% Moneyback Guarantee

There is a 100% no-questions-asked refund and rollover policy if you have completed the required course materials within 30 days

I want your Growth System investment to be 100% risk-free.

If you complete the course materials and find the course isn't for you within 30 days, I will refund 100% of your investment.

If you find after enrolling that your schedule is busier than you thought, I will roll you forward into a future cohort with zero additional cost.

What Newsletter Founders and Operators Are Saying

Get Access To The Instruction Manual For a 1M+ Subscriber  Newsletter 

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