How Ad Arbitrage Works + 2 Big Announcements

PLUS: beehiiv's AI tools, a hilarious newsletter, paid communities, and more

Welcome to Newsletter Operator!

Two big announcements:

  1. My newsletter growth agency GrowLetter is now a certified beehiiv partner! Learn more and apply to work with us here.

  2. I’m taking a break from writing deep dives in this newsletter. I’ll be focusing on helping newsletters grow at GrowLetter and spending time with family this summer.

You’ll still love the content in this newsletter. Here’s why:

In place of deep dives, you’ll get interviews with newsletter operators, guest posts, and previous deep dives with newly added content.

Plus, I’ll be writing deep dives again this fall!

Let’s get into today’s issue…

Deep Dive

How Newsletters Grow With Ad Arbitrage

Here's the secret that newsletter founders DON'T want you to know about building a massive newsletter business…

It’s all about ad arbitrage.

Here’s how it works:

The big newsletters you know and love (MorningBrew, The Hustle, Industry Dive, Milk Road, and more) get 80%+ of their growth from this.

The Best Links

📈 Growth

How Alex Garcia makes $800k per year with his newsletter (link)

Why Morning Brew grew to 1.5M subscribers in 5 years (link)

💰 Monetization

Idea: make an audio version of your newsletter for premium subscribers (link)

How Dru Riley built a paid community to 1,000+ members in 10 months (link)

📬 Engagement

There are only 2 types of newsletters that work (link)

📰 Newsletter News

Smart Nonsense launches a newsletter. It’s “south park for nerds”. If you want to see a perfect newsletter landing page, thank you page, and welcome email — check this out (link)

beehiiv launches a suite of AI tools built directly into the text editor (link)

What you need to know about Apple’s changes to link tracking (link)

The Alerts Daily newsletter was acquired by Overtime (link)

A new event for media founders and operators (link)

🛠️ Growth Tactic I’m Using*

Over 100 newsletters are getting subscribers on auto-pilot with Refind.

Refind conversion ads are a great source of high-quality and automated subscriber growth.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter your newsletter URL

  • Set your CPA + budget (for example $1.50 CPA)

  • Get subscribers into your ESP

It’s simple and takes <5 minutes to set up. Try it here → (link)

*This is a sponsored link


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