8 Ways To Get Newsletter Subscribers To Buy Your Stuff

How to turn your subscribers into customers

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  • 8 ways to turn your subscribers into customers

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8 Ways To Get Newsletter Subscribers To Buy Your Stuff

If you’re struggling to turn your subscribers into customers, you need to pitch your product in these 8 places.

I promise if you use all these tactics, you can significantly boost your conversion rate from free subscribers to paying customers.

Here they are:

1) Thank you page

Use a soft call to action (CTA) on your thank you page.

The primary purpose of your thank you page should be to get subscribers to open your welcome email.

But after that, you need to tell new subscribers about your product!

After people subscribe they’re the most excited to learn about how you can help them.

Include a short and simple CTA for your product(s).

Put this CTA towards the middle or end of your thank you page.

2) Welcome email

Also, add a soft CTA in your welcome email.

Don’t pitch too hard here. Use a short CTA towards the end of the email.

I recommend putting your CTA(s) in a “P.S.” section. The P.S. is often read more than the body copy of the email.


Side note:

The primary purpose of your welcome email should be to increase the deliverability of your future emails by getting subscribers to:

  • Move your emails to their primary inbox

  • Reply to the welcome email

  • Click a link

More on welcome email best practices here.

3) Welcome email sequence

If you send your newsletter 1-2 times per week or less, a welcome email sequence is a must!

A welcome sequence allows you to give new subscribers a guided experience through what you want them to see.

I recommend a 4-8 email sequence that is sent over 1-3 weeks.

In the sequence, you can share:

  • Your story and mission

  • Testimonials and case studies

  • Your best content and resources

  • Education on your product/service

  • Ask questions and feedback (replies, surveys, and polls)

  • And much more…

I can’t emphasize this enough: If you’re selling a product or service directly to subscribers this is one of the best ways to do it.

Don’t skip this.

Also, continue to update and improve your sequence every month.

4) Newsletter ad spot

This one is simple.

When you have open ad inventory, use that to plug your product.

There’s nothing wrong with an ad break to explain how your product helps the audience.

5) Newsletter intro

Subscribers always see the introduction section first.

This spot in your newsletter will provide the most clicks and conversions.

However, you should use it sparingly.

A CTA here in every newsletter will make you look too pushy.

Instead, save your intro CTAs for special events, new offers, or discounts.

6) Newsletter outro

From Jay Clouse’s newsletter

Include a short CTA for your offers at the end of your newsletter.

It’s an easy-to-implement way to get more customers.

The CTAs are at the end of the newsletter so they never interrupt any content.

Check out my newsletter outro section at the bottom of this email for another example (and more ways to grow your newsletter).

7) Newsletter header

Example from The Rundown

Add links to your offers in your newsletter template header.

Simple but it works.

This consistently yet subtly reminds subscribers about your offers.

Plus, it’s a good place to add a signup link so people who are forwarded your newsletter can easily subscribe.

8) Ask for a reply

This last CTA method works like a charm - but it takes some manual work.

If you’re selling a product with scarcity, urgency, or customization - ask readers to reply to learn more or get access.

For example:

  • “There are 10 spots available — reply to this email to get in before they’re gone”

  • “The cohort closes on X date. Reply to this email to save your spot while this is still available”

  • We’re launching a new product - reply to this email if you want early access”

  • “We’re accepting 3 more clients this month, reply to this email to see if you’re a fit for our service”

Note: This copy is generic. You’ll need to spice it up.

Also, the action of replying (and making a small commitment) makes subscribers more likely to convert to customers.

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